Canon AV-1 c1979

The AV-1,
an aperture-priority camera is available in black or chrome.

With the release of the AV-1, Canon changed
the FD lens mount. Lenses were now mounted
by turning the entire lens instead of the mounting
ring. I suspect it lowered the cost of manufacturing
the lenses. The old mount lenses look better, I think.

Either lens mount works with all FD Canons.

The "A" setting puts the camera in full auto mode. The resulting shutter speed is indicated by a pointer in the viewfinder.
The "SELF and lightning bolt" setting is for using non- Canon Speedlite flashes in self timer photography. The "A " setting is
for non-flash self timer and Speedlite photographs. A little odd.

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Town common 20mm                                                                                                                       Town Common 35mm

Warehouse in Chicopee, MA

Arista 200