I bought this crappy old Duaflex because it had the number "4" showing in the frame counter window. I also liked it because of its semi-camo pattern. The $0.50 price tag sealed the deal.

The film turned out to be a variety of Kodacolor and I fired off the last few frames.

This is frame number one and the only frame exposed by the original owner or somebody like that. That's one helluva Caddy. There's enough sheet metal in the open door  to get a good start on a Toyota. There's no way in hell that beast is gonna fit in that dinky garage.

It's amazing that you can use ancient color film in a beat up, cheap old camera and still produce decent photos. I took these photos on a very dreary day at The Quabbin Reservoir. I placed the camera on something solid and did triple exposures for each frame.

End of The Road

Kodacolor in HC110 (b)