argus - 75 1958 - 1964

In chocolate brown.

This camera makes a nice "clunk" when you trip the shutter. A quality kind of "clunk." You know for sure that you've made an exposure. It's made for 620 but 120 fits fine.

The Lumar lens, shutter button and speed selector,

It's amazing how bright the viewfinders are on certain cheap cameras. Why can't my Rolleiflex look like this ?

This beautiful old barn, like myself, appears to have made it through another winter. All around it, overpriced and over decorated homes are growing out of holes made by bulldozers.

On the edge of suburban sprawl.

The Holyoke Mountain Range

Wind scoured snow - Belchertown MA


Agfa APX 100 in HC110(B) for 8 minutes.