As you know, most cameras are black. There don't need to be black. I guess it makes them seem serious and important.

Chocolate brown cameras are rarities. The Argus 75 is very chocolatey. I never leave mine in the sun
for very long and I always take it  with me if I think I might get lost. I could always eat it.

The 75 is a pretty serious camera.  With two shutter speeds and double exposure prevention, it really should be black.

The bright finder is really a bright finder.

I'm really into doorbell macrophotography. The A 75 viewfinder makes an ideal lens for this type of work.

The Argus 75 was made from 1958 until 1964.

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Interior Landscape

".... even when there's nothing there but gloom."

Arista EDU 200 brutalized in HC110 for a long time.

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