Bolsey-Flex c1954

 This is the older version of the Bolsey-Flex. The "newer" version had a bigger viewfinder and the name wasn't hyphenated. It's kind of sad that I know that.

I really do like my Bolsey-Flex. I like it so much that I used it twice in the last year or so.

The camera has an uncoated focusing lens with an iris range of f7.7 to f16. Yup, that's right...f7..7. There's a tripod mount and a provision for a cable release for those who wish to shoot at "T." Double exposure protection, a solid film-chamber lock and a spring-loaded ruby window cover, round out this little gem.

Locked and loaded.

Same as above

I've got the original imitation leather case. It features The Great Bolsey Family Crest. Howzat ?

Bad Window
Bad door

Bad Chair

Very expired T-Max in HC110(B)