Made for Bolsey Corporation of America by Ising of Germany. This stylish camera is mental hospital green. It produces 6x6 images on 120 film.

It features guesstimate focusing and three iris openings, 7.7, 11, and 16. It has a flash connection and a bright finder.

When it's all folded up it fits perfectly in my big mitt. Kind of like a big can of Foster's Beer.

Observatory at Mount Holyoke College

Before the skies were polluted with light this was a very active observatory. It's a very interesting building with lots of odd angles and shapes. It's bright white and I hope it looks that way on your monitor. If not, turn up the contrast or something. Computer monitors are not the ideal medium for photographs.

Mount Holyoke College has a beautiful campus. Ivy covered walls and heavy masonry. It's a bit smug for me but I'm sure the faculty isn't upset about that.

The area around the college is filled with trendy shops etc. There's a meandering, multi-level shopping area that reminds me of "The Village" in the 60's TV show "The Prisoner." Jeeze, that was a cool show.

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