Canon FT QL 1966-1972

The FT was Canon's first camera that featured TTL metering. It used FL mount lenses and was available in chrome or black. The black ones are fairly rare.

To open most SLR's for film loading you pull up the rewind knob. Not so with the FT. You pull up that little chrome tab on the bottom right and give it a turn. Amazing.

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  Springfield, Massachusetts is home to two hospitals, Mercy and Bay State. This was the original Mercy Hospital. Just a few years ago, when my wife was a little girl, she had her tonsils removed here.

Logistical problems within her family caused a serious delay in bringing her home after she'd recovered. Apparently she watched child after child get picked up by fawning parents and as the sun set she was sure that she'd have to spend the rest of her life here.

Such are the horrors of childhood.

  There's a playground next to the building pictured above.  The chainlink fence surrounding it is festooned with signs that warn you that this is private property and  tresspassers will be prosecuted.

  Early August sunrise.

Photo by E.F.G.

Arista 200