Canon AE-1


Classic, black 35mm cameras have a strong appeal among camera lovers. They are far less common that the brushed metal variety. The AE-1 pictured above is in near-mint condition.

The AE-1 was   Canons mid-ranged automatic SLR. Slightly down the scale from the Canon A-1 and F-1.

Abandoned Barn Interior

Complete with curved wooden studs, quality workmanship is evident in what's left of this building. Zenitar 16mm fisheye.


Resident Housing

The site of the former State School in Belchertown MA is a lonesome place. The school once housed the mentally ill. Buildings like the one above are scattered throughout the property. Zenitar 16mm fisheye.

Canon 20mm

Fog on Holyoke Range "Sears" 55mm 1.4

Barn on Turkey Hill "Sears" 55mm 1.4

Noon Sun Canon 20mm


Kodak Tri-X in HC110 (b)