Made in Germany around 1949. There were five versions of the Bilora Box. Some had a flash synch and another had a  "focussing" lens.  Momentary and Bulb shutters and two lens openings (f11 and F16) round out this all-metal camera.

6x9 cm images on 120 film.

Fog is my favorite weather event. The conditions that produce fog agree with me. Cloudy, calm with warm airborne moisture.  Ideal fishing and photography conditions.

 Fog stifles sound so it's always quiet. Forms blur like they do under a dark cloth as you compose on a ground glass. There is a feeling of unreality and it's easy to hide from the world.

The familar turns strange and somewhat threatening.



"The fog arrives on little cat feet."

-Carl Sandberg

Arista 400 EDU in HC110 (b)