Sugaring at Quabbin

The warmer days and cold nights of March mark the sugaring season in New England. The State allows limited sugaring within Quabbin. I look forward to seeing it each year. This year, more than ever.

These plastic taps are hammered into the maple and tubes join other tubes to form a manifold.

They remind me of heart monitor sensors.

Each tube feed into a main tube which carries the sligtly sweet liquid to collection points (trash cans, horse throughs.) Without gravity, there'd be no Maple Sugar for your pancakes.

Of course there's the old method of hanging a bucket under a metal spigot. When the bucket gets full, you empty it.

Suitable maples are marked with red dots. One dot for each bucket allowed.

Although Quabbin is meticulously maintained there are vestiges of the past everywhere. You are always reminded that this was once somebody's home. Here, and old galvanized metal wash tub shares the scene with sugaring buckets made from the same material.

The days have been cold. There isn't much sugar yet.


Cameras used



Canon AE-1 Program with Bell and Howell/Canon 50mm 1:1.4 lens

Voigtlander Bessa - L with 12mm F5.6 aspherical lens

Film - Kodak Gold 200