Bella 66 c1956

 Produced by Bilora in Germany, this example is a model II. It features a
range-focusing collapsing lens with two openings (f8 and f16.)  Double exposure prevention and three shutter speeds (1/50, 1/100 and B.) The camera is flash synched.

Beautifully finished in blue and gray with brushed aluminum, it's one of the prettiest "cheap" cameras made.

While I'd never compare the Bella 66's performance to that of a modern day digital SLR.  The Bella has it all over today's
boring cameras when it comes to style.

There was a time when camera makers had artistic design people on staff. No need for that anymore.
Just get out the cookie cutter.

Like the camera, the matching vinyl case has survived fifty four years. I'd be willing to
bet that your super-freakin' digicam will have been long recycled into some other piece
of throwaway something or other fifty four years from now.

No matter. I'll have been recycled also.


Larry and Nora's bench

Long shadows at 010:00

The house where nobody lives, still.

Arista 400 in HC110-H for nine minutes.