Beauty Camera made a dozen TLR’s. They were heavily influenced by Rollei as were many other TLR manufacturers.

Beauty even copied some of Rollei’s nomenclature. They produced a Beautycord, a Beautyflex T and a Beautyflex 2.8.

Placing the focus and film advance knobs on the same side can produce unintended film advancement and bad language.
The Beautyflex D has double exposure prevention so that’s not an issue.

You have to push a button inside the film advance knob before you can advance to the next frame.

The camera has a real frame counter. No ruby window on this beauty.

The camera has an f3.5 Biokor taking lens and the legendary Tri Lausar sits above it.

The Biokor is mounted into a Rectus shutter which is pretty funny in itself.

The viewing screen is acceptable and there’s a pop-up magnifier inside the chimney.

My Beautyflex D is missing a bit of its vinyl skin but it’s still very pretty.

TLR's are cool. Even the crappiest of them appeal to me more than any other camera configuration.

The style was once enormously popular.

- - - -

I've processed many hundreds of rolls of film. Old film, very old film and modern film.

I use a three roll vertical tank and almost always HC-110 (h) developer. I use a water stop bathand an alkaline fixer.

 If you're still using an Acetic Acid stop bath, stop. Ha ! Stop bath stop.

A water bath is all you need and you won't be tossing that wicked strong vinegar down your drain.

The roll of film presented here was exposed with the aforementioned Beautyflex. It sat in a drawer
for a year along with two other rolls of film. Those films processed fine.

The roll in question has intermittent mottling. I've seen this mottling many times with old film.
The result of the paper backing stuck to the film. This, of course, keeps the developer
from working in the covered areas.

A few of the frames were unaffected and show the camera to be pretty decent.

Others were a mess, but I don't care.  A processing mystery now and then is to be expected.
Maybe it was barometric pressure or radiation from a U.F.O.

- -