Beacon II  1947-1955

Whitehouse Products of Brooklyn New York produced this beautiful little 127 camera.

It's well made,very stylish and surprisingly solid.

The "Flash Synchronizer" looks great on the camera. It follows the camera's lines perfectly.

Flash Socket

I believe Whitehouse was inspired by an electric chair when it designed the flash socket.

Famous photographer and internet pioneer cenelson, sent me a few rolls of ancient Panchromatic film from Belgium. 3x4 cm. images in portrait orientation.

I love the pointing fingers on the film backing. They remind me of cartoons and tell me I've loaded the film correctly. Three rows of dots follow the finger. Then the number one.

November Says "Farewell."

November is a grey month in New England. The last day of November 2006 was windy and grey. A weak sun popped out for this photo.

You never know what you'll get when you use ancient film. The emulsion is mottled on this particular roll.


Two O' Clock

Despite "pushing" the film about 50%, it appears to have lost considerable speed over the years.
Some shots were too darrk to use.