Beacon Camera
Whitehouse Products
1947 - 1955
Brooklyn New York
I recently bought this Beacon camera from a seller in England. It had an exposed roll of 127 Plenachrome film in it so I had to have it. Plenachrome film can be developed under a red safelight so I didn't worry too much about time spent in the XTOL. I simply watched the film develop in a tray which is a change for me.

The fifty year old film was stuck to the paper backing and I did what I could to salvage it.
I wonder if these people are Americans or Brits. The camera came from England but was made in the USA. I think they look American.  The ladies are wearing summer dresses and I don't think it ever gets warm enough for summer dresses in England.
The two guys in the back are talking about their plans for the night. They are
not interested in the photographic process.
I'm thinkin' this is mom and dad, their daughter and a sister in law. The kid is hitting her forehead and thinking " Jeeze, another picture." MORE