Kodak Baby Brownie Special


I don't know what Kodak thought was so special about this Baby Brownie, maybe it was the 4x6.5 exposures on 127 film. What made it special to me was the number six in the little red window on the back.

I fired off the remaining two frames and pulled the film. It was labeled "Panchromatic Film." I figured it was around ASA 100 and gave it 10 and a half minutes in Accutol 1/10.

So many of my found films have only a few images on them. The rest of the frames  exhibit wild streaks of light, total blackness and insanely blurred whatevers. What the hell happened to all those exposures ?

This is a pond I think. Maybe where Van Gogh got his inspiration. I wonder if the world really was grainy then.

Ah ! That's better. This woman just oozes kindness, doesn't she ? I know she'd love to make all of you a Spam sandwich in her Homette trailer. Look at the way she's holding her hands together. She's dying to hug you. I like her a lot.

Here's Dad. He took the photo of Mom above I bet. Then he handed her the camera and struck this "Dad" pose. Mom clicked the shutter and made this picture no one would see until today. I know guy was outgoing and friendly. A retired barber no doubt. He spent weekends with his wife in their trailer. They play poker with friends now and then and Dad thinks his wife is the greatest. Somehow he doesn't look like a VW bug kind of guy. Maybe his wacky son was visiting for the weekend.

After the three frames above madness struck. There are three frames like this. Until I made two exposures yesterday after a snow storm.

Man. The world is coming to and end I guess.