Kodak Baby Brownie c1934-1941

This is a solid little camera with a smooth, ratcheting film advance. It sports a pop-up viewfinder and is the very essence of simplicity.

Smaller than a softball and bigger than a baseball, it fits nicely in a jacket pocket. The Baby Brownie takes 127 rollfilm and produces 4x6.5cm images.


aA friend sent a couple of ancient rolls of 127 Verichrome film. Following are the results.

wpe6.jpg (50226 bytes)

POn Deck.

wpe2.jpg (47348 bytes)

wpe3.jpg (41618 bytes)

wpe4.jpg (35930 bytes)

wpe5.jpg (43794 bytes)

Satellite Dish.

Old Verichrome in HC110(b) for five miuntes.












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