Avis Rent A Car Camera

 There are many versions of Diana. This has got
to one of the rarest. McKeown doesn't list it.

Avis was founded in 1946 and became the worlds second biggest car rental company. Sometime
in the 60's or 70's they gave out these junk
cameras as premiums when you rented a car.

Avis: "We try harder"

Hertz: "Let Hertz put you in the drivers seat...today !"


"Yes sir, we're still giving cameras away, but you'd better hurry !"

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Abandoned buildings are interesting. Motels especially so. Everybody that stays at a Motel anywhere
has a story to tell during his or her stay. Some won't be told because they're too sordid. That's
what most of us think when the word "motel" is uttered.

People that stay at motels are in transition. This empty motel is in Hadley, Massachusetts.

If I was to do a photo essay on crumbling motels, I'd choose a Diana as my tool.

Bowling Ball and Bench

Have you got this combination in your backyard ?

South Hadley

Amherst College Observatory

I doubt much is seen though this old telescope. The bright lights on Route 9 have obliterated the night sky I'll bet.

Arista EDU 200 exposed at who the hell knows and processed in HC110(h) for a while.