Argus 40 1950-1954

Argus made eight models based on this design. This model, along with the Argoflex 40 and the Argus Super 75, are the most sophisticated.

Coated lenses. Multiple shutter speeds. Real f-stop numbers. Range focusing and a place to screw in a cable release.

The things that matter most to us as we move through our lives are living things. We connect most deeply
with those that share the world we live in.

The houses we've lived in sheltered those people. So many things happen in a house. Our houses are soaked
with memories. This is why we remember and miss them. This is why they take on lives of their own.

Houses outlast those that live in them. We go to some other place and somebody moves into the places we used to occupy.  We simply drift through them along the timeline that is life.

You don't need to leave a house to miss the way it was.

Larry's Ladder

Larry and Nora's Bench

Arista EDU 400 in HC110(H)