Ansco made some stylish cameras in the past. The Lancer is one of them.  Even though it was built by Bilora for Ansco. It's a smooth, cast metal, jewel.
Americans loved names like "Lancer" and "Viceroy" back in the day.

Twelve exposures on 127 film.

Here's the renowned "Sconar" lens. It's round and you can see through it. Just what you'd expect from a Sconar.

I guess they could have called it an "Anscar" if they'd want to.

  Bad design.

 The bottom slder opens the red (in this case, yellow) window for keeping track of frames. The one above it unlocks the back and it promptly falls off.

I almost opened the wrong one several times during the roll I shot. And I'm no stupider than the average Lancer user.

  The Lancer has two shutter speeds: 1/50 and 1/100. Well it  had two shutter speed at one time. Switching between the two produced no noticeable difference. The camera is nearly fifty years old and it was about 25 degrees F when I took these photos. The overexposure on ASA 100 film gives the shots a sort of lithographic look.

Yeah, I meant to do that.

Efke 100 in WD2