Anscoflex II c1954

Anscoflex II c1954

In my opinion the Anscoflex II and its brother The Anscoflex, are the most stylish cameras ever made. Maybe you know they were designed by Raymond Loewy. Maybe not.
Either way. You could look it up.

The polished and hammered aluminum pieces go well with the psychiatric ward green paint.

The filter is yellow. It makes your oriental friends look kind of pale in portraits but it does a good job of whitening a smoker's teeth.

Lots of people smoked in the Anscoflex heyday. Raymond Loewy designed the Lucky Strike cigarette package.

They make great gifts !

The close up button is for close ups. If you want to use the yellow filter and the close up feature together, you can !

The metallic red shutter button is very cool. It's nicely beveled to accept your trigger finger.

The back release button matches the shutter release button.

The viewfinder is really bright. I swear it shows your scene brighter than it really is. I think the Anscoflex has a light amplification system. I really do.

The big knob kind of ratchets the film to the next frame while resetting the shutter and unlocking the shutter button.
No double exposures here !

Three dollars down and you own it.

The ad claims "distortion-free" pictures. Come on, Mister Ansco !!

The ad says the camera is two-tone gray. Gray ? It's green ferchrissakes. And it ain't two-toned.

The camera was two bucks cheaper at Sears and Roebuck.



I did a lousy job re-spooling the first roll of 120. Too loose and wrinkly, but the effect is kind of cool here.

Tobacco Road

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Sabin Street

I used the yellow filter on all of the photos that feature sky. The sky was very blue at 12 o'clock high. Very bright sun.

Curved Barn

Barn on Sabin Street

Shack on Sabin Street

Man, it's been a hard winter.

South Facing Windows