Someone opened the back of the Anscoflex and ruined a couple of photo's on the roll. This is the last one that I could salvage. It's a washed out shot of the father that took the kids on the sucky vacation.

It's not very clear but you can easily fill in the missing detail in your mind. His shirt is too small but he wears it because he think it makes him look tough. There's a Timex on his left wrist. It's a cheap watch and runs slow. He's wearing shorts like his wife, but for some reason he forced Johnny to wear those awful pants. Mom didn't frame dad very well. She cut off his feet. Too bad. I'm sure the shoes went well with his black socks.

Dad's retired from The Post Office recently. He's a bitter man. His kids don't talk to him and it drives him crazy that his wife married John Speedy the muffler tycoon.

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