In the 60's parents brought their kids to awful places for vacation. You know the kind of places. "Educational" places like The Lincoln Memorial or maybe the site of The Boston Tea Party. Places that suck for a kid.
There's no doubt that this brother and sister are on vacation at a place like the one I wrote about above. Did Mom and Dad really think Johnny and Sue would enjoy watching people parade around dressed like the people pictured below ? Look at the guy in the bowler hat on the left. A stiff wind would knock him over. Why is he making that face at little Sue ?  I'll bet he can't wait to get that stupid outfit off and forget about his miserable job while pounding down a couple of Schlitz at the nearest bar. Is that Burl Ives behind the lady looking at the photographer ?  What's that person doing behind the bushes to Johnny's right ? Is he taking a leak ? Reminds me of 11/22/63 for some reason.

Johnny looks really happy, doesn't he ? Not only is he overdressed for what was probably a miserably hot day, he also has to put up with his obviously hyper-active sister. Is he getiing ready to sucker-punch little Sue ? It's a wonder that there aren't more axe murders from the baby boomer generation, isn't it ?

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