I'm a sucker for old cameras that have exposed film in them. I just have to buy them.You never know what you'll find on those ancient negatives from the time when the world was black and white. I'm full of hope that I'll find something of historical importance. Something that'll make me as rich as a baseball player.

You can imagine my excitement when I looked at the results of some film I developed that come from a mint Anscoflex TLR from the old days. I was floored.
I'll be DAMNED if that ain't President Lincoln and his boy Todd. I assume that the toothless woman on the left is Lincoln's mother. The woman behind the boy is too young to be Mrs. L. I'll bet she's the 1860's version of Monica Lewinsky. The woman at the rear of the photo is trying to catch up to the President to give him some flowers I think.

I have no doubts that this is the genuine article. You can tell me I'm crazy and that  neither the Anscoflex nor rollfilm existed in the 1860's. Stop making sense. That's Lincoln up there. Sure as hell.
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