Anny 35 Super De Luxe c1964

The words "Super" and "Deluxe" get thrown around so much that they lose their meaning. But when you put them together, you really have something !

Check this pure Japanese vinyl case with ANNY 35 embossed in gold.

Rejected by Leitz due to high manufacturing costs, the UTACAR f8 50 is standard issue on the Anny 35. "UTACAR" is "RACATU" spelled backwards.

The ANNY 35 has a real frame counter and lever film advance. It's has double exposure protection and complete instructions. It's fully equipped for flash photography. The fake selenium cells give it an extra touch of class.

In case you didn't wide enough first time around, if you turn this knob in the direction shown, you can rewide. Now that's a unique feature, don't you think ?

The instructions are worth the price of the camera. The front page reads:

"We have so far enjoyed a very good reputation as makers of various cameras for beginners. Now we are happy to be able to offer a new model or 35mm camera with new structure and unique style under the brand name of Anny 35 Super Deluxe."

"It is very simple to handle. Please read this instruction carefully and take nice pictures to be kept with you forever."

Cheap cameras have a sweet softness in the images they produce. Unreal and dreamlike, like a surfacing memory.

Snow used to draw kids out of their houses like a moth to a flame. Snow changed everything and the possibilities were limitless. Children are more sophisticated now I guess.

Saint Patrick's Day is well celebrated in Massachusetts. We're all Irish for a few days. The winter is dying and even when it snows, you know the battle is over.

March snow is wet and sticky. It melts quickly under the strengthening sun. It clings to the trees and makes a pretty scene for you if you get up early enough.

Snow on the morning of March 12, 2005.

Unpredictability is seductive. Cheap cameras have a way of producing images that make you scratch your head and wonder how some images came to be.

Nightmare stump.

Kodak Gold 200