Altiflex  I -  c1937 Eho-Altissa. Dresden, Germany

Where will your digital camera be seventy years from today ? I know that's a rhetorical question because you'll be dead.

The lever on the right focuses the camera. There's a knob on the left, which you can't see, that advances the film.  I'm sure that this design accounted for many film advance errors. It accounted for two in twelve exposures for me.

Another odd feature is the quarter inch long, non locking cable release mounted just above the shutter release. Both shake the camera equally.

This device magnifies the dimness of the groundglass. Focus is approximate.


Lookout tower on Quabbin Mountain

I held a #25 filter in front of the lens for this shot and the third and fourth  below.

Fence face

Arista EDU 100 at ASA 50 in HC110