Canon AL-1 & 100mm f2.8 lens

The AL-1 QF (Quick Focus) was designed to assist the user in focusing. The viewefinder has three lights in it. A red arrow at each end that tells the users which way to turn the lens, and a green light that flashes when the subject is in focus.

The system works really well and agrees with my focusing nearly all the time.

I bought the 2.8 lens for next to nothing at a flea market recently. It's the first 100mm prime lens I've ever owned. It'd make a fine portrait lens I guess, but no one I know wants their picture taken anymore. That's my knee reflected in the lens.

Tall Grass Flower f2.8

Yellow Birch Leaves and White Pine Needles

If you break off a branch of Yellow Birch and smell it, you'll be reminded of Root Beer or Junior Mints.

White Pines lose needles in the fall. They clog gutters.

Pine Cone and Red Pine Needles

Burning Bush and Pine Needles

The Burning Bush is pale green in spring. Dark green in summer and ridiculously red in autumn.

Shasta Viburum Leaves

Kodak Gold 200