- - -

This camera was home to my last found film. You could look it up if you wanted to.
I always get a kick out of using a camera that housed found film. I'm sure nobody
used it since it was abandoned for whatever reason. This one slept for about fifty years
between jobs.

- - -

Curved Building - Holyoke, MA

This vestige squats next to a vacant lot. It once connected to some industrial buildings in Holyoke. People live in it now.
Holyoke is a big city but not many people live there anymore. It was once the heart of New England's paper industry.
Now it's a crime-ridden, run down hulk.

The city is full of interesting and in some cases, beautiful architecture. Decorative brick and woodwork can be found throughout Paper City.

The Connecticut River runs through Holyoke. The remains of industrial buildings line its shore.

Break Time

Waiting for the Sun

Up river from downtown Holyoke is The Holyoke Canoe Club. It's a grand old building from Holyoke's glory days.
Nobody canoes there anymore but the building is holding up well despite being largely abandoned.

Arista EDU 200 in HC110(H)