1952 Jupiter 8 in a 1960 Kiev body

My 1952 Kiev 2 is out of commission for a while and I got the urge for using the Ruskie Sonnar after shooting with a Zeiss Sonnar.

The Kievs are among my favorite cameras. I don't own a Contax so I can't compare the two but I sure like the Russian copies.

Barn on 32A - Glibertville MA

Birdhouse on Shed - Former site of Dana MA

Remnants of Stone Foundation - Former site of Dana MA

This foundation is constructed of stones collected from brooks which now lead into the Quabbin Reservoir. For more information see notes on the Vaughn House. HERE

Even in January

Two Hollow Trees - Former site of Dana MA

Sunset at Empty Mill - Gilbertville MA

Old industrial buildings are among my favorite photographic subjects. They have such a presence about them and the detailed architecture is fascinating.

Detail of Empty Mill - Gilbertville MA

The arched window top and brick work serve no real purpose other than aesthetics. The two iron objects on either side of the window are  fasteners that tie the wall to massive wooden beams inside the building. A heavy slab of granite serves as a sill.

Generations toiled within these forbidding walls. Heavy machinery pounded and steam shrieked. Now the only sound is the water from the nearby river as it rushes past.

Moon Rising Over Greenes Barn at Sunset - Belchertown MA

Kodak Gold 200