Canon's  FTb QL and FTbn QL are very similar cameras. The FTbn is the newer model and bears the same FTb QL labeling as the older FTb QL.  QL stands for "quick load"
as film loading was somewhat simplified by the QL setup.

The original FTb has an all metal film advance lever while the newer "n" has a plastic tip on the lever.
The self-timer  lever is black with a white stripe on the newer model while the older features and metal lever with
vinyl glued onto it.  Top shutter speed is 1/1000.

The "n" displays the selected shutter speeds in the viewfinder.

The cameras shown above are original FTb QLs. The both are equipped with "chrome nosed" 50mm 1 : 1.4 FD mount lenses.

100mm f2.8 FD - A more modern lens

28mm f3.5 FL - A less modern lens


Barn on Sabin St. - 28mm f16

50mm f16

50mm f11

28mm f5.6

50mm f8

100mm f16

---- -- --- -- ---

Warehouse - Ludlow MA - 50mm f8

50mm f5.6

Arista 200