Rolleiflex 3.5 1953

This Rolleiflex has a Xenar taking lens. It doesn't really matter though. There's no such thing as a crappy Rollei. The optics are wonderful, as is the craftsmanship. The shutter is barely audible and the controls are smooth.

At present, the digital camera dominates the photographic world. Digital cameras certainly have their place, but they don't have the appeal of a finely crafted camera like a Rolleiflex. Modern cameras, like modern cars, all look the same to me.
















Driven Wheel. 1915 Porter Locomotive

Rolling Wheels

Small Steam Tender

Industrial Remnant

Perched on the edge of a residential neighborhood, this remnant squats like a brick-red nightmare.

Smooth-Stone Tomb

Church in Palmer MA

Agfa APX 400 @ ASA 200 - HC110-b for 4.5 minutes