Earlier this year I underwent heart surgery to repair a defective aortic valve.  I brought a Felica with me as I planned to do some crappy camera hospital photography. The plan never worked out. The failure was due to the fact that I felt like hell for the seven days I was in the hospital.

Recently I took the Felica on a trip. When I processed the film I discovered that frame #1 produced the shot to the left. I took the photo on the day I was released from the hospital. It's a "found film" of sorts.

Free at last.

Tree and Lobster Trap

Empty Coast Guard Station

Dune and Beach Grass

Fence and Sand


The following photos were taken with a Traveler 120.

Cape Cod Lighthouse

Liz Sitting Very Still For About Ten Seconds

Sunset and Captive Tuba *

Arista 400 EDU in HC110(b)

*Actually it's a piece of deck furniture.