I'm always looking for photographs and when I saw Old Glory next to a McDonald's bag by the side of the road I was inspired to do part two of "Slobby Americans."

The Mickey D bag features a picture of "Shrek." I've never seen a Shrek movie but I'll bet they're pretty goddamn stupid. Some asshole executive at McDonald's got in touch with some asshole Shrek executive and came up with the Shrek/McDonald's connection.

What the hell is wrong with us ?

Here's a shot of McFlurry meeting Shrek. Those green things are  naturally occuring.

McDonald's, Burger King and Dunkin' Donuts etc. certainly have the right to exist but why the hell do people flock to them ? 

"Here ya go Junior." It's time for you to grow some ass."

Toss that Chips Ahoy ! bag out the window.

The wicker basket is a nice touch.

We've got so much shit that we have to pay someone to store it for us.  Knock down some trees. Bring in some gravel. Americans need to store their shit somewhere.

Y' aint got enough shit ? Well, hell, take a trip to Wal-Mart. The home of low prices, and low wages. It's an all-American enterprise selling shit made somewhere else.

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Bessa - L with 12mm Heliar lens