BESSA - L  by Voigtlander c1999

The BESSA L and its cousins really surprised the camera world in 1999. Made by Cosina, they were a step back in time to the age of traditional rangefinders. The BESSA L actually has no rangefinder. In fact it has no built-in viewfinder. That device on top of the camera is a clip-on viewfinder that approximates the field of view of the lens it matches. In this case, the f5.6 12mm Heliar. The extreme depth of field exhibited by very wide lenses makes range focussing a breeze.

The aspherical design greatly reduces the barrel distortion associated with extreme wide lenses.

The camera has a light but solid feel. Top shutter speed is 1/2000.

The BESSA - L was made in either black or silver. The silver BESSA was lent to me by Michael Carmack. Mike is a kind hearted soul that likes to help me decide how to spend my money !

The Carmack BESSA - L equipped with an f4.5 15mm Heliar

I like the sweep of a good super-wide lens. I can almost feel the wind. 12mm Heliar

I was 12" away from the gears in this photograph. 125 sec. @ f 8. 12mm Heliar.

Superwides present an exposure challenge. There's so much in your viewfinder to consider. 12mm Heliar

Building at Former Site of Belchertown State School - 15mm Heliar

Ceramic Silos - 12mm Heliar

Where Picnic Tables Come to Die - 15mm Heliar

Kodak Gold 200