Canon FTb

The FTb is a true classic. Simple, efficient, pleasing to the eye and rugged. This old camera works flawlessly and still looks great.

April snow is not as depressing as January snow for us New Englanders. We know it's short lived. It's usually wet and sticks to everything. The fact that it's fleeting allows us to appreciate its beauty before it's gone.

The sun popped out for a moment. The light was pinkish as I tripped the shutter. Canon f1.4 50 mm @ f 1.8

Many oak trees hold onto their dead leaves throughout the winter. In the spring they fall off to make room for new ones.  Canon f1.4 50 mm @ f 5.6

"Liz"   Canon f1.4 50 mm @ f 5.6

"Birch Bark" Canon f1.4 50 mm @ f 5.6

"Post and lock"  Canon f1.4 50 mm @ f 1.8

By early afternoon the snow was rapidly melting under the April sun.  

"Pine and Gravestone"

"Old Veteran"