It's sunny in Tucson three hundred and ten days a year. The sunlight is intense and can create scenes that challenge both photographer and film.

The 12mm lens on my Bessa L increases those challenges by fitting so much onto such a small place.

The deep blue sky seems polarized to me. It's so much bluer overhead.  The superwide 12mm exaggerates the effect.

An old dog lay sleeping in the cool interior of this building. He paid us little notice as we passed by.


I placed the camera on a bench, set the shutter to "B" and counted for a while. The church interior was quite dark and I counted a bit too long.

Masses are still held here.

The spindly plant is an Ocotillo. It's not a true cactus but if you grab a handful of it you won't care about semantics.

It's flowers are used in salads and have a tangy flavor. I didn't really know that. I just read it on Wikipedia.

Everyone is familiar with the tall Saguaro cactus. The purple cacti are Prickly Pears. Most commonly they are green.

Kodak Gold 200

Part one of San Xavier Mission can be seen HERE