Sabino Canyon leads upward 3000 feet through Bear Creek Canyon to Seven Falls. I can't imagine hiking it in summer when temperature reach 110 degrees.

The trail is rugged in places and there are stream crossings in spring and after rain. It's Mountain Lion country and spectacularly beautiful.

I brought a robust tripod, a Kodak Medalist II, a Canon FTb with 50 and 20mm lenses. Also stuffed into my backpack was a Bessa-L with a 12mm lens, six pints of water (I should have brought more) and many rolls of films and such.

Dazzling sunlight and deep shadows challenge the photographer. Equally challenging is attempting to capture such magnificent views on scraps of film.

That's the trail at center left.

If this wash was full, I wouldn't be here telling you about it.

These gentle streams can become wild torrents when it rains. There was a recent drowning in this area.

Trees grow along the edges of the washes. In March they are bright green and reflect sunlight intensely.

Most things stab, cut or bite you around here.

Kodak Medalist II
 Polarizer used on some photos

Photo 1-3: Efke 25 @ ASA 12

Remainder: Kodak Tri-X @ ASA 200
Developed in HC110(HH)