Shitty parts of big cities draw me to them. This is what's left of a motel in Phoenix AZ.  The swimming pool is filled with concrete and rates are available by the hour.  Special rates are not shown on the sandwich board in the photograph. You need to walk up to the office under the tree to get those.

The Sun Villa is just up the street from The Log Cabin Motel. I guess it wasn't up to community standards.

The Log Cabin Motel has hourly rates but they don't allow walk-up customers. You need a car to get a room there.

Anyway, there ain't a pine tree anywhere nearby but I doubt the patrons give a damn.

I've never had or heard of Deer-O salsa, but this is where they make it. It's just up the street from The Mission Motel.

Canon AE-1 and a Canon 20mm lens.