Agfa Ansco Box No. 2 - Model E c1940

This is about as cheap as they get. Cardboard. Wood. One viewfinder.  Still, Agfa Ansco bothered to make these available in different colors. There's a lesson to be learned here.
You can dress up the worst of us and we look pretty good.

The "one viewfinder" is pretty funny considering this is a 6x9 camera. I guess the Model E
was designed to take portraits.

The viewfinder is surrounded by a rectangular bezel but the viewfinder lens is round and produces a
circular image. This fact, along with the viewfinder mirror not being a mirror but a polished piece
of steel, makes the viewfinder pretty much useless.
It's more of a viewapproximator.

Viewapproximator reflector.

I went to the drug store to get some B-2 Agfa All-Weather Film but they didn't have any.

The faceplate is removable in case you want to do shutter speed adjustments etc. That's my finger
sticking through the pre-optics aperture.

Shutter mechanism. Note that the shutter plate matches the camera exterior.

The dust above is not real dust. It's powdered graphite. The shutter was sticking until I lubricated it
with lighter fluid and graphite. I also bent the shutter plate outward. Don't attempt this at home.

- - -

Larry's Ladder

"If you have plastic flamingos, you will always have something to photograph"

-Anselina Adams

I turned the camera on its side and hoped for the best. I done pretty good.

Arista EDU 200