Great fishing days
Once in a great while you come up with one. A day when things just fall into place and you catch a lot of big fish. Days like that are few and far between but they make up for the slow times.

June 18th was one of those days at Quabbin. It was warm and cloudy with a light south wind. I lost count of my smallies at around 15. I'm guessing that I ended up with 18 or so and very few small ones.  Not too bad for fishing from 10:30 - 5.
You'll have to excuse the close-ups of my face but I was by myself and had to hold the camera at arm's length.
Five + pound largemouth (number 1). Wacko on a 3/16 jighead
Five pound smallie (number 1) on topwater
Four pound smallie on topwater
Five pound smallie (number two) on topwater
Five and a half pound largie - Wacko on 3/16 jighead
Four pound largemouth - Texas rigged worm
Five pound largemouth (number 3 !) Wacko on 3/16 jighead
The best fish of the day straightened out the hook on my jighead and got away. I estimated the fish (largemouth) to be in the nine pound range. After he got away I adjusted my goddamn drag.