On the last day of a windy, rough fishing weekend, we decided to fish a shoal in Mallets Bay on Champlain but the wind forced us back into more protected areas of the bay. When you get blown off your favorite spot it can be discouraging but a couple of smallies can change you attitude pretty quickly.

We got a couple of bass off a small island when Dave hooked up into something big while working a Silver Buddy at 20 feet. Dave was using medium tackle and fairly light line. The fish stripped mono off his reel at will and stayed down for a very very long time. We were both hoping it was a big bass (Dave was more than I was.) The fish would come up and we'd get a glimpse of it now and then. It was tantalizingly  green and bronze in the water.

After a classic battle the old fish gave up. Unfortunately it turned out to be an eleven pound Sheepshead. Still, the fight was amazing and I had to tip my hat to Dave for winning the battle.